About Us

King Tony has been in the South African tooling market for the better part of 30 years, brought to South Africa by Mr. JL Steenkamp in 1986 on the principle of combined imports. Based on the principles of our founder, our main aim is to service our customers no matter the scale of their request, King Tony has now become a market leader in the tooling landscape.

You may sense that King Tony Tools strive for much more than a world-class tool. The ideals are being carried out by each and every member of staff on a daily basis, across all of our branches. Each of our branches are tasked with ensuring that you are happy not only with our quality of the tool, but the experience of being our customer that accompanies it.

The Products

King Tony Tools have a special place among the elite hand-tools outstanding quality, precision manufacturing and competitive pricing. To further underscore our determination to compete with the best in the world we have achieved certification with ISO on three separate occasions. First, in the January 1998 we received ISO 9002, followed by ISO 9001. More recently we qualified for the international environmental safety standard, ISO 14001.

Distribution | After Sales Service

Should you require our after-sales-service, we as well as your locally specialised dealer will be at your disposal with an experienced service team.

A comprehensive stock of spare parts which is available at our head office, providing you with short-time supply for your spare parts, if necessary. Our service guarantees the best use of your tooling for many years.King Tony Tools are available at your competent local specialized dealer.
There is a comprehensive network of specialized dealers and contracting parties at your disposal giving you advice and support.